Cleaning and wintering your Marinal System pool

While your pool does have a filtering system and you do treat your water with the appropriate treatment products, you must also use a pool robot or a pool vacuum to give your pool the deep clean it needs. This is an essential piece of kit for your pool.

Standard maintenance and cleaning

There are several types of cleaning robots available:

  • Pool robots with integrated electronics
  • Mechanical robots
  • Manual pool vacuums with floating hose

Day to day maintenance of your pool consists of:

  • Emptying your skimmers very regularly, as the filters will quickly clog up with plant and insect matter
  • Sponge-cleaning the water line
  • Checking the chlorine and pH levels, and adjusting them if necessary
  • Running your robot according to the level of dirt which your filter system can’t remove.

Wintering covers

If you want to cover your pool over winter, you’ll need to:

  • Remove some of the water, so the level drops below that of the inlets
  • Use wintering floaters for extra safety.
    For very cold weather, wintering buoys create a buffer effect which absorbs the force of the freezing water, preventing the ice from damaging the surfacing on your pool.
  • Shut off the water filtration system.
  • Use a wintering product in the water to prevent limescale deposits.
  • Cover your pool with a wintering cover, a bar cover or a rolling cover.
    Important: a wintering cover is not a safety device and will not secure your pool. It will just protect your pool from freezing over. Bar and rolling covers, however, are safety systems and can replace your wintering cover.

Wintering in slow-down mode

If you would rather keep your water visible over the winter, you won’t be using a cover. You will however need to run your pool’s pump and filter system for an hour or two per day in very cold weather to circulate your water and prevent it from freezing. The pump can even be fitted with a thermostat, switching it on automatically when the temperature drops below a certain level.
As your water won’t have stagnated over winter, it will be quicker to bring it back into service without the use of large quantities of chemicals.