MARINAL is a patented integrated structural formwork system, designed for one-piece reinforced shuttered concrete pools.
There are 2 ranges available, according to the desired finish.

The CLASSIC range

  • This is dedicated to pools with tiled or rendered finishes, as well as large-format pools. The formwork consists of 2 galvanised steel mesh grates, linked using jointed connectors which allow the formwork to be folded for easier, more economical transport.
  • The concrete can be visually monitored as it is poured into the formwork, which remains in place and acts as a reinforcement (using the constraining power of the steel).
    The concrete remains wholly contained within the formwork.
  • The walls and floor are poured at the same time, providing a one-piece structure which will not deform and will not crack, even in difficult terrain.
    The seals between the parts are all embedded in the concrete.
  • A layer of sub-rendering is applied before the finish.

CLASSIC panels are available in heights of 1.20m, 1.60m and 2.00m, and are 20cm thick. They are easy to cut.

The EVO range

  • This range is dedicated to pools with a reinforced membrane or liner finish.
  • EVO formwork differs from CLASSIC formwork by integrating a pre-finish side, which makes it unnecessary to apply a coat of primer.

All of the other steps are strictly identical: you will end up with the same one-piece structure with the same guarantee of strength and robustness.
EVO panels are available in heights of 1.30m and 1.60m, and are 16cm thick.



  • Integrated structural formwork
  • One-piece structure
  • Quick to use
  • Will not deform, will not crack
  • Visual pouring check
  • Free-standing
  • Compatibility with every type of surfacing
  • Customisable
  • Easy to supply and transport
  • 1 8×4 pool = 1 pallet
  • A patented construction process