Marinal System free-form pools

By choosing concrete for your pool, you can create a pool in whichever shape you desire – the only limit is your imagination. Create the pool of your dreams!
Have fun and choose the perfect pool shape for you. You can trust Marinal System to handle it and provide an exceptional result.

Any pool is possible

With a free-form pool, you can personalise your environment to your exact tastes and standards.
Take the opportunity to create a pool like no other, offering you a unique décor according to your own tastes and style.
With concrete construction methods, everything is possible: submerged siding leading into your pool, a spa area in the pool, various different pools with waterfalls connecting the different levels, a planted island, rocky cliffs plunging into the pool…
Free-form pools are the perfect solution when you your project is truly unique, original and bespoke. Enjoy a pool that suits you perfectly.

The perfect solution for difficult terrain

Is your site constrained by buildings, rocks or woody spaces that you want to preserve? You need a free-form pool that will adapt to your décor in the most harmonious way possible and optimise your bathing space
Get in touch with our approved MARINAL SYSTEM pool installers, who will provide free-form pool solutions that will suit your landscaping perfectly.

Free-form pool pricing

Free-form pools are often a little more expensive to build than traditional pools in standard shapes, as they require a custom-made structure.
As such, the price of a free-form pool will depend on the complexity of the shape, and any curves or specific angles you want it to include. The price will then also depend on the size of the pool and any constraints imposed by the terrain.