Marinal System’s infinity pools

Infinity pools melt the waterline into your décor and into the horizon, giving an enchanting pool that seems to go on forever.
These pools are undoubtedly the most surprising pools you’ll see. Water can overflow on one, two or even three sides of the pool, creating a stunning effect as the waterline disappears into its surroundings.

Infinity pools on hills and slopes

Infinity pools are the perfect choice for downward sloping land offering a view out over the landscape and the horizon. The visual effect is spectacular, giving the impression that the water is overflowing into a void.
Thanks to the MARINAL SYSTEM concrete pool construction process, you can create an infinity pool on a slope, overlooking a drop, or even cantilevered outwards. With this method however, nothing can be left to chance. Only a reinforced concrete solution can be trusted in these environments.
With MARINAL SYSTEM, you are guaranteed a solution which meets every requirement for the perfect infinity pool, including every safety standard.

The advantages of an infinity pool

The water overflowing from an infinity pool is collected in a buffer tank, which means that you don’t need a skimmer. The continuous flow of water over the sides removes any imperfections, guaranteeing a pristine surface.

Infinity pool pricing

An infinity pool project is somewhat more complex than a traditional pool. The price will depend on the surface area of the pool, the number of overflow sides and, above all, the constraints imposed by the terrain.