Marinal System’s mirror pools

Mirror pools are a spectacular sight to behold. They are the only pools which manage to completely conceal their edges, blending subtly into the décor and becoming an integral part of your landscape. Your mirror pool will become an integrated water feature for your garden. For comfort and elegance, you can integrate a pool surround flush with the water level. The result is even more spectacular.
Depending on your terrain, and if your pool can be built to overlook the surrounding landscape, the water level will tail off into the horizon to provide an incredible illusion.
Your mirror pool will offer you a bathing experience like no other, opening you up to a show with the entire horizon as the stage.
Mirror pools are the epitome of luxury and style.

The advantages of a mirror pool

The surface water in a mirror pool is always impeccable, with any floating debris (insects, plant matter, etc.) quickly sent off the sides into a buffer tank which collects the water flowing off the surface. This provides a perfect water surface without the need for a skimmer, removing any residue from all four sides of your pool.

Mirror pool pricing

Building a concrete mirror pool requires impeccable precision to ensure that the water will always overflow at the same level and the same rate all around the pool. This is not a job for just any pool installer – you need a concrete pool professional.
MARINAL’s experience in the field will guarantee an impeccable result.
For a perfect result, there is nothing better than concrete for this type of pool. MARINAL SYSTEM is a true concrete specialist, and concrete has always been at the very heart of what we do.
A mirror pool is a high-end product which requires specific construction skills and methods. This makes it a relatively costly pool to install. The price will also depend on the surface area and, above all, any constraints imposed by the terrain.