The Marinal System pool filtration systems

A water filtration system is an essential part of any pool. Filtration and water treatment are indispensable, allowing you to keep your pool clean and your water sanitary.
Without filtration, your water would not be renewed and would soon be filled with floating objects. What’s more, it would soon grow murky, teeming with micro-organisms. To keep your water clean, your filtration system must be accompanied by effective water treatment.

Traditional filtration

Skimmers capture anything floating on the surface, while the bottom drain scours the base, and the filtration system uses a pump to take in water and pass it through the filter.
Any impurities will be caught in the filter and removed from the pool. The filtered water is then fed back into the pool using return inlets. Thanks to the filter system, the water in the pool is wholly renewed 3 or 4 times every 24 hours, guaranteeing clean water to bathe in.
The size and type of filter and the power required for your filter pump are calculated according to the size of your pool and the volume of water to be treated.

Infinity pool filtration

Here, skimmers are replaced by a buffer tank which can be concealed or remain visible. The pump draws water from the overflow tank to remove any impurities before feeding it back into the pool via the return inlets.

Equipment and installation

When you call on MARINAL SYSTEM to build your pool, all of the skimmer, bottom drain and return inlets are integrated and embedded in the concrete to ensure a perfect seal.
The filtration pump and the filter are installed directly in your pool’s technical rooms.