Marinal System pool flooring

When you build your MARINAL SYSTEM pool, you can choose what shape you want for your pool floor and even enjoy a pool with a variety of depths.

Diving pools

Diving pools are perfect for anyone who loves to dive. The diving zone is however restricted to a 2x1m space which offers a depth of more than 2m.
To create the diving zone, there must be a significant drop in floor level. As such, there is a serious risk of slipping on the steep slope. A pool with a diving zone should only be for real diving fans, and is not suitable for a family leisure pool.

Flat bottoms

Flat bottom pools are generally the most popular. With a flat bottom, your pool will have the same depth across the entire surface. This will stop children from hurting themselves on the hard floor when they jump into the water. For ball games in the pool, flat bottoms are the ideal choice, keeping all of the players at the same level. Flat-bottomed pools are a great choice for a fun leisure pool that will stand the test of time.
Did you know: in a flat-bottomed pool the water is evenly distributed, making it easier to manage the water temperature. It simplifies cleaning, too.

Sloping floors

Sloping floors should only be considered if you want to create two separate areas within your pool: one part with a standard depth (1.40m to 1.80m) and one “shallow” pool (1m to 1.20m) for children.
However, this type of pool is not designed for ball games and is more difficult to maintain. Additionally, it is harder to heat, as the volume of water is not identical at every point.
Not every terrain is technically suitable for a sloping-floored pool, either.
For traditional pool shapes, MARINAL SYSTEM recommends choosing a flat-bottomed pool. After all, your children will grow up fast and the sloping floor will soon be a hindrance for fun and games in the water.