Marinal System pool heating

It would be a shame to invest in your own pool and then leave it unheated. By heating your pool, you can enjoy the water to the full, and for much longer. Start the bathing season earlier and keep swimming for longer.
But which heating system do you need for your concrete pool?
Heat pump, electric heater, dedicated pool heater, solar heaters, gas pool heating from the house… MARINAL SYSTEM distributors are on hand to guide you through the various solutions and help you make the best choice for your pool.

Heat pump

The most common heating system is the heat pump.
Efficient, budget-friendly, and good for the environment, a heat pump draws energy from the air or water and releases it as heat into the pool.
The heat pump compressor gets its energy by modifying the air or water pressure. Here, the heat pump is integrated into the specially designed water treatment circuit, which can then release clean, warm water into the pool.
Heat pumps are an economical way to heat your pool, releasing up to 5 times more energy than they consume.
Heat pump solutions are effective and efficient, keeping your water at the right temperature for longer.


Did you know: heating a pool causes more water to evaporate, and your pool heating will be less effective overnight if your pool is not covered and exposed to the cold night air?
These are two great reasons to use a pool cover, which will reduce evaporation and keep the heat where it needs to be – in the water.
You can use a bubble cover, a bar cover or a rolling cover.