Marinal System pool lighting

Integrate lighting into your concrete pool and just imagine those long summer evenings, enjoying the pool after the sun has set. What could be better than a long, leisurely evening by the pool, when the pool itself is providing the light?


Our projectors offer you the choice of classic incandescent bulbs (300W lighting power) or halogen bulbs (100W), which use less electricity but provide the same output.
These projectors must be integrated directly into the concrete siding of your pool as it is being built, so they can be mounted onto the siding and floor of your pool. These provide mood lighting of all sorts, allowing you to play with the light’s reflection on the water. From plain white light to a more colourful projection, your projector offers you a wide range of programmable lighting solutions.

LED pool lighting

LED pool lighting technology uses less electricity and will save you money on your utility bills. When you choose LED lighting, you are helping to protect the environment. LED bulbs and projectors can be integrated directly into the concrete siding during the construction of your pool, or added later.
LED lighting also offers a full range of colours, from standard white light to a complete colour palette, from the traditional to the eclectic.

Integrated pool-side lighting

Your pool can also be illuminated by spotlights integrated directly into the siding around your pool. Whether your pool sits among wood or stone, there are integrated lighting systems for all types of pool siding.

Lighting costs

The cost of your pool lighting will depend on the system you choose (incandescent, halogen or LED projector), the system design and the bulbs that go with it.
If you want help choosing the best lighting solution for your pool, talk to us and our Marinal System advisers will guide you towards the perfect solution for you.
Please note that submerged lighting must be installed by a professional, during the construction of your pool.
Lighting is an excellent option, allowing you to enjoy the water long after the sun has set. Swimming through changing colours is an exquisite pleasure, adored by adults and children alike.