Marinal System pool steps

Pool steps are not an accessory. They are an integral part of your pool’s design and add to the overall appearance. Pool steps also offer a place to sit down and relax in the pool and enjoy one another’s company. They are something very much worth taking seriously.
With a MARINAL SYSTEM concrete pool, you have complete freedom to choose the type and style of pool steps that you want. By using concrete, you can enjoy a truly bespoke set of pool steps.

Square corner steps

Square steps fit into a corner of your pool. They offer a wide first step to help you into the water, but the corners do jut out into the pool and form obstacles for swimmers.

Straight corner steps

Corner steps start at one corner of the pool, with straight steps leading down to the floor. This discreet and minimalist staircase retains the maximum space within your pool. As such, it is ideal for smaller pools.

Full width steps

Full width steps offer a sleek, classic finish with long steps that beckon you into the pool and offer a place to sit and relax in the water. Full width steps can be integrated directly into the pool, but the effect is even greater when they are built to rise up out of the pool structure. This type of step design is better suited to larger pools, as it will reduce the length of the pool available to swimmers.

Bench steps

Bench steps are ideal for fun and relaxation in your pool. These offer steps on one side, which extend out into a bench seat across the entire width of the pool. Enjoy a place to sit and relax, or even enjoy a massage from the outflow nozzles. Marinal clients are particularly fond of this type of staircase.