Marinal System pool surfacing

With MARINAL SYSTEM, you can choose any pool surfacing solution you like. Concrete allows you to install a full range of surfacing solutions, both integrated into the support (rendering, tiling, mosaic, paint) or independent (liner, PVC and polyester membrane). This means that you can choose the right finish for you, according to your taste and budget.

Tiling, ceramic and mosaic

Tiling finishes have improved considerably over the past few years, giving unprecedented freedom to decorate. Only pools made from one-piece reinforced concrete are suitable for a mosaic-tiled finish.
A tiled finish will guarantee quality that lasts and lasts.


Marble silicon or micro-mortar rendering solutions are often chosen to offer a more “natural” look for your pool. This means that they are much less even and consistent than other surfacing options. What’s more, they are more fragile and sensitive to chemical treatment products.

Painted concrete pools

You can use specially adapted paint on your pool, applying it directly onto a layer of primer on the concrete. Pool paint is certainly the cheapest solution, but it sacrifices long-term durability. You will need to repaint your pool every three years. We would rather recommend a rendered finish which offers a more attractive and sustainable finish to your pool.

Liners, reinforced PVC membranes and polyester coating

Liners and PVC and polyester membranes are known as “independent” solutions, as they can be adapted to any type of pool construction. These are cut to measure and help ensure an effective water seal.
The flexible membranes are laid along the inside of the pool to mould into shape and provide an effective water seal.